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Tarp Bloom (Kakaako) – blue
Root Structure (Model Home) – grey
Leveler #1, #2, #3 (Interest in Vexillology) – 2D

Keith and I created work together for the CONTACT exhibition at The Honolulu Museum of Art School in April 2014. To begin the collaborative process, we settled on plastic tarps as our material of choice to explore the idea of contact – 1) the act or state of touching; a touching or meeting, as of two things or people; 2) immediate proximity or association).

Plastic tarps are a kind of leveler, used by many kind of people in many different ways. In urban environments, clusters of tarps may represent poverty and homelessness, however when seen elsewhere they might be sheltering valuable personal objects in the front yard, be fashioned into an affordable extension on a family home, or delineating a private space at the beachpark for family parties and weekend campouts. We are interested in these multiple uses and the resulting blurred lines inherent in the materials.

This series of work raises questions of community vs. individualism, economic inequalities, and the social dynamics of public vs. private space.

MEDIA: plastic tarps, rope, twine, and tent stakes
LINK: for more images from CONTACT exhibition
LISTEN: to Hawaii Public Radio’s story online
KEITH TALLETT: www.keithtallett.com