In My Veins is a series of 12 panels I made in 1998, while still in school at the San Francisco Art Institute. I was really beginning to move away from straight photography, and these panels incorporate a variety of media. Placing leaves directly in an 8 x 10 enlarger, I creating large transparencies on Kodalith film. I also created transparencies with some of the archival images I had just begun to collect. Using a variety of collage and transfer techniques, I used epoxy resin and wood glue to layer the 12 panels with found paper, ink drawings, book pages, enamel paint, found paper and imagery.

This work was created as apart of a “Site” class with photographer Linda Connor. I was to pick a “site”, an area that I was to shoot in all semester, exploring different ideas through photography. While I did find a secluded area in Golden Gate Park to work in, I spent most of my time there drawing and collecting leaves and other materials. I was missing home, and it was a relief to escape the city into that tiny pocket of nature.

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