This site specific installation consists of 500 or so branches, wrapped around the exterior walls of a room, only peering inside at one small corner. Inside the room, a video plays in which these same branches wind and twist their way throughout several forested landscapes, and woman opens and closes curtains in a darkened room. A child’s voice recites the poem in layers, and counts off specific days and months of the year.

This piece was inspired by a poem that my father wrote at the age of 10. Titled If I Were A Hurricane, it describes an imagined path of destruction in a face of a personified storm, tearing throughout the landscape.

Media: koa branches, white paint, zipties, video

  • Scott Yoell, Sally Lundburg, Stephen U. Lang, Tom Calhoun
  • Sally_DSC_9575
  • If I Were a Hurricane - koa branches, zip ties, video  - Sally Lundburg
  • Sally_DSC_9588

If I Were a Hurricane from Mahi'ai Creative on Vimeo.