This project started as a small floor piece called clearcut. It grew in number to about 200 logs included in the for the disappearing place installation at Biennial X at The Honolulu Museum of Art, and then was stacked in a firewood pile as cordwood for the Cycles of Life exhibition at The Donkey Mill on the Big Island.

I’ve been collecting portrait photos for about 15 years or so, gathering from friends and family, purchasing at garage sales and swap meets and finding in dumpsters. These images have appeared repeatedly in my work since that time and I’ve begun to see them as a kind of real and imaginary genealogy of sorts that moves throughout my art practice.

Media: Koa logs, archival inket prints on habotai silk, epoxy resin, pigment, enamel paint. Each about 12″ high with diameters from 3″-12″.

LINK – Cordwood at Cycles of Life – exhibition, 3/13
LINK – The Disappearing Place at Biennial X

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