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  • simulated drift (on the edge of a deep reef)
  • the sound of coming rain (with whisper)  copy
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My earliest photography focused on the people close at hand, my family and friends. As the work moved toward collage and mixed media, I sampled personal letters, recorded sound and film footage, and made experimental documentations of family road trips and summers home.

As time has passed, I find myself returning again and again to this material…investigating and unraveling these moments of distance and intimacy. I believe that history is shifting and dynamic, depending on the stories and memories revealed. What interests me most are the details in between facts, hinted at but unsaid.

These works on wood panels include the following media: rescued paper (wallpaper, journal pages, letters); acrylic and spray paint; powdered pigment; ink; epoxy resin; and archival inkjet images printed on silk.